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COVID-19 has hit our families, loved ones and businesses hard this year. If you own a business that has been struggling due to the pandemic, help may be available in the form of a business interruption claim. An attorney at Philadelphia Lawyers Group, LLC will guide you through the entire process. We have extensive experience navigating the emerging field of business interruption insurance law.

You may be surprised to know that pandemic coverage is available for businesses throughout the country, but insurance companies have refused to pay. Take legal action now to force their hand.

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Do not take no for an answer

Do not take no for an answer

If you've previously filed for business interruption assistance but were denied by your insurance company, you still have hope. Business interruption insurance law is broadly defined, and there are multiple legal avenues we can take to get you the compensation you need. We'll fully review your entire insurance policy to make a strong legal argument against your denied coverage.

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